Our sponsors for Aalborg Rebels

Webset.dk (Main Sponsor)

Webset.dk is a danish web- and marketing agency that develops websites, webshops, digital marketing, SEO and content marketing.


Xtravagant is a Danish-international webshop that sells accessories for a wide variety of theme parties, including rave parties, color run, carnival, halloween, 90s party and much more.

DC Steel

DC Steel is a company that leases manpower for large projects. Primarily forge and plumbing for large construction projects that do not have enough manpower themselves.


Oohtrade.dk is a danish online marketplace where businesses can sell their products and increase their revenue while gaining exposure.

Christian Meyer Ejendomme

Houses/apartments for rent in all north denmark.

Christian Meyer

Christian Meyer is a well-known Danish entrepreneur who works with many different things such as tattoos, Property Sales/Rentals, Record label, web- and marketing agency among many other exciting things.

Royal Records unlimited

Royal Records unlimited is a record company owned by Royal Empire ApS. Royal Records is known as the record company behind Rozenberg, and for having arranged the ‘Royal Music Event’.

Royal Ink Aalborg

Royal Ink Aalborg is a tattoo shop in Aalborg Centrum. One of the most popular tattoo shops in Denmark.

KC Autolakering

KC Autolakering is a company that paints everything from cars, rims and motorcycles, to household furniture and more.

Nordic Oil

Nordic Oil er et af de første brands med CBD produkter af den ypperste kvalitet, som imødekommer nordens stigende interesse for CBD olien. Køb dine CBD produkter hos NordicOil.dk